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He provides personal coaching on communication techniques, public speaking, and business English. He is an ACTP and ICF certified Executive Coach, who also directs and produces graphic and audio-visual material for presentations and company promotions.


A talented communicator and a master of public performance, he will delight multi-disciplinary audiences with his passion and charisma, from entrepreneurs, marketing executives, and investors, to directors, students, bloggers, social media and the general public.


He gives thematic talks of varied content including an impressive range of the most effective techniques and attitudes to reach an excellent level of communication, as well as reflection on the work environment, life philosophy and topics of general interest.

Latest Posts

  • Communication Master Class at SPECIALISTERNE

    Communication Master Class at SPECIALISTERNE

    Master Class of Advanced Communication Techniques in the European Diversity Month 2021. A 360-degree view of the global issue of communication, especially useful for presentations and communication of projects to companies. We gave an in-depth review of the relative importance of Contents and Staging with special emphasis on the audience. …Read More »
  • Success is the Sum of Details. Chapter Three.

    Success is the Sum of Details. Chapter Three.

    This is the third and final chapter of this miniseries Success is the sum of Details. There are two details that are normally not given the importance that they deserve: Background music, and lighting. The difference is extremely noticeable. I explain it to you in “detail” and with examples. Since …Read More »
  • Success is the Sum of Details. Chapter Two.

    Success is the Sum of Details. Chapter Two.

    The importance of small things as discussed in the previous chapter. In this case some important execution issues that are not normally taken into account, and fundamental issues such as lack of dynamism, which ruin even the best of events. See you in Chapter Three.Read More »
  • Success is the Sum of Details. Chapter One.

    Success is the Sum of Details. Chapter One.

    The American Businessman Harvey S. Firestone, creator of the Firestone tires that bear his name, stated it in 1930: Success is the sum of details. This is particularly important in communication and I say it openly. We are always on the search for the “big event” and the “big things” …Read More »
  • About Contents

    About Contents

    Perhaps one of the things that is most difficult when preparing a presentation is the contents. Not because we don’t know what we have to present, or what we have to say, but because of how it is set up and how it is presented. To think about what you …Read More »