Master Class of Advanced Communication Techniques in the opening week of new offices of Grupo ALAVA in Barcelona. The speech was entitled “Change your Mind”, to provide a different approach to the issue of communication. We conducted a deep review to the relative importance of Contents and Staging, and provided a 360-degree-approach to the global issue of communication, particularly useful for presentations and communication between areas. Approaching more in detail, with no contents obviously there is no show, but 80% of the exercise lies in the concept of Staging, which is valid for absolutely everything, regardless of the kind of event and audience. What turned out to be particularly interesting and relevant during the speech was the section dedicated to Internal Communication and Group Values.

The event had the participation of the President of the Group, Mr. Jaime Álava and the finest team from the Sales Sections, Marketing, Business Management, and Human Resources, amongst others. A useful and interesting conference, which also turned out to be really enjoyable.

Overwhelming success to all the team of Grupo ALAVA in this new stage.

Barcelona, Mayo 2019

Opening of new offices of GRUPO ALAVA in Barcelona, May 2019
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