First of all, it is important to accept the fact that, while undesirable, this is an absolutely normal occurrence that can happen to anyone at all, from beginners to true experts. Given that it is normal, we must consider it from a positive, ‘the glass is always half-full’ standpoint, and never a negative one. It has happened, and that’s it. All we need to do is to move on as if nothing happened. And I am talking from experience. Most times, we will get the chance to come back to that comment we missed and to refer back to the topic, but if not, it happened, and that’s it! You should have no trouble getting back on track using your graphic or audio-visual resources on the screen when you move to the next slide, or your notes will help you pick up from where you left off. However, the best improvisation is a well-rehearsed, prepared one, which will clearly minimize the chances of going blank. As it is an emotional issue, which depends on the circumstances of the moment, the best thing is to accept that if it happens, we are already perfectly aware of what we need to do to get out of the situation. The recipe is simply, “it really doesn’t matter,” then just keep going. If, for whatever reason, this tends to occur frequently, consulting your notes with absolute naturalness will always be a great help, and will bring you security, show empathy and connect with the audience. The glass always half full!.

Suddenly going blank – ways to solve it
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