A conference addressed to CEOs, Senior Executives, General Managers, Project
Directors and Managers, Professionals from Development and Commercial Areas, and
Professionals from highly technical environments within the Hub comprising 60
companies working under the concept of collaborative innovation at ESADE Creapolis.

We revealed the keys to effective communication approaching the subject of
communication with a holistic 360º vision, and focusing on achieving better results.
Something that with true conviction, becomes essential at the time of selling a novel
idea, getting a grant, or starting a new project. Countless working hours and a great
amount of effort end up in some kind of a presentation whose objective is conveying
clearly a certain message to achieve results.

Valdivieso EAC 360º Communication.
Success in any communication exercise does not lie in the performance of the speaker
and in the quality of the content as it is commonly thought. The content is of relative
importance, and the rest of the exercise falls on staging.
Topics such as a solid structure, language simplicity, and audiovisual material quality,
significantly contribute to increase the retention rates, and guarantee a message
conveys effectively.
Welcome words by Víctor Sabater, Manager of Innovation and Development, and
closing by Marta Carrió, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ESADE

ESADE Creapolis attracts and supports talent for the creation of new ideas and
business opportunities, encouraging interaction between organizations, and offering a
wide range of specialized services to respond to organizational innovation challenges,
and to promote cooperation between companies and industries.

They also facilitate entrepreneurship to market new concepts, and straight forward
access to investors, mainly Business Angels, Venture Capital and Corporates, looking
for early-stage companies.
Wednesday March 11th, 2020.


Master Class at ESADE Creapolis: 360° Communication to achieve better results.
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